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Consulting sustainable event organizing
Evaluate events' carbon footprint
Certify for event carbon neutral
Waste management - Zero Landfill



Energy efficiency diagnosis program
Assess the business's GHG emissions
Organizing carbon neutral events
Carbon accounting To set the net zero goal

Carbon credits project development from  renewable energy, waste management, agriculture, ...
City Carbon Footprint digitalization



Smart Carbon Accounting Platform for Business Organization

STREAM stands out with its simplified, user-friendly interface and transparent design, ensuring ease of use for businesses. Developed by auditors, it enables seamless data retrieval for audits, enhancing trust and accountability. This unique combination makes STREAM the ideal choice for effective carbon management, empowering businesses to navigate sustainability with confidence.

Simplify Data Collection

streamline and simplify data recording, allowing organizations to easily define the scope of their greenhouse gas emissions sources. It enables the selection of emission factors and units from standard values or custom settings, covering the recording of greenhouse gas emissions across all three scopes.

Standard Compliance

Record greenhouse gas emissions for Scope 1, 2, and 3 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1 standards, and generate reports in standard formats.

Traceable by Verifier

Designed to swiftly verify data sources, STREAM facilitates the creation of emission factor lists with corresponding references for easy verification by verifiers.

Analytics Dashboard for Acts

Collect GHG emission history data on a monthly and yearly basis, including both net emissions (ton CO2e) and intensity (ton CO2e per unit of production), then create a dashboard to aid in analyzing and identifying strategies for reduction.

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